We are Building a pipeline of talented Black software engineers & data scientists Nationwide.

We support Black college students in their journey to become successful engineers.

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Our Motivation for Action:
the Leaky Tech Pipeline


Lack Computer Science Fundamentals

Low-income students and students of color are much less likely to have access to computer science courses at their high schools than their peers.


Gaps in CS Degree Completion

According to data from the Leaky Tech Pipeline, Only 9% of computer science students are Black, and just as concerning, only 9% of those students complete their degree.


Lack of Diversity in Tech Workforce

Black employees make up just 7.4% of the tech workforce, the figure is much lower for engineering roles.

Our Solution:
The Achievers in Technology Program (AIT)

A transformative four-year journey designed to equip and support high-achieving Black college students passionate about software engineering and data science. We understand the unique challenges faced by Black students from low-income backgrounds, and we are committed to providing the resources and guidance they need to thrive in their academic and professional pursuits.

Impact Metrics:
Placement Rate
Remain CS or Related
Companies Our Scholars Have Interned
I have recently accepted an internship offer for this summer with Meta (Facebook) in the Bay Area...I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support and guidance provided by the AIT program, which has been instrumental in preparing me for this next step in my career. The skills and knowledge I've gained through the program have undoubtedly played a crucial role in helping me secure this internship.
Dominic Parker, AIT Scholar
San Diego State University
Through this program, I have built connections that have been life-changing, and they continue to bless me with more and more opportunities. My mentor, Joseph has been very instrumental in helping me navigate college and  the mock interview organized by the AIT Program has helped me to polish my interview skills
Henry Arinze
University of  California, Merced
The AIT has helped me to keep myself more responsible with my coding skills and has helped me understand that it takes time to reach your goals, but it’s also important to have strong goals.
Alexis Osueke
Bowie State University